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Hi Joel, thank you for filing the motion to change. I’ve been worried about it as I have a trip planned with my friends for well over a year and canceling it is not an option. Your attention and quick response has been greatly appreciated. Best Regards.



Joel was instrumental to navigating the legal quagmire that is the divorce process. He anticipated roadblocks and made a very difficult situation as smooth as possible for me.



Hi Joel, I have given two of my associates your information… I told them both that you are a great person to call and if they can’t get to you, you will come to them….



Joel was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. We were in and out of court in half a day. Joel has been my lawyer for 3 years now.



Mr. Joel Abu was patient, and understanding and helped me through a difficult time in my life. Thank you for all you did.

-Catherine S.


If you’re looking for the best lawyer in town , Mr. Abu is the one you’ll need to represent you. He’s patient , understand and a very good listener. My divorce is final now and it’s all because of his hard work. I am glad I picked him as my lawyer. Thanks again Mr. Joel Abu!



Working with Mr. Abu made dealing with a challenging situation so much easier. He included me in developing a plan, did thorough research, and responded very promptly when I needed to speak with him. He helped me to tolerate the process I was going to need to go through and talked me down when I became impatient with the other party. Unqualified recommendation!



My experience with this law office was a wonderful experience. The personal touch made this time for me not so difficult by knowing I had someone in my corner that would do a good job for me. I would recommend Joel to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.



Mr. Abu was knowledgeable, friendly, and well prepared throughout what was a difficult process for me. He was available at any hour of the day and represented me flawlessly. I work crazy hours and he was always free for a phone call or an email to help with any questions I had. He helped make a stressful situation much easier and I would highly recommend him to anyone



Mr. Abu made a difficult and complicated experience so much easier. He was knowledgeable and professional and is quick to respond and follow-up with any complications or questions. He was also friendly and patient and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal representation in family court.



I would like to commend Attorney Joel A. Abu on his professional service on my divorce in the year of 2010. Attorney Joel A. Abu was well organized, right to the point and advised me on what I could or not do in the process of my divorce. He made me comfortable in all phases of the divorce. I would recommend Attorney Joel A. Abu to others who are in need because he will do the best job for them.



Very Positive experience. very honest in advice and follows up with the best of them. Mr Abu Represented myself in a Custody Trial in Worcester Family Court as well as EXTENSIVE pre trial Preparation. Very Honest and fourth coming. made me feel comfortable in a difficult set of proceedings with a result I feel would have been FAR better than trying to take on a difficult case on my own. Carries himself in a professional yet still caring manor, making a downright scary thing that is known as “family court” seem far less intimidating. I would give my immediate and strong recommendation to ANY individual seeking GOOD, HONEST, and Knowledgeable legal Advice/Representation.



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Kudos To Panel Attorney Joel A. Abu

A Separation Agreement assigned half of the marital share of an ex-husband’s pension to the ex-wife but the QDRO was never submitted to the Court. A later modification agreement gave joint physical custody of the minor children to the parties and waived all child support. At the time of the modification the ex-husband was unemployed.

Following the modification judgment the ex-husband exercised his shared physical custody of the children for only about two weeks. The ex-wife could not work as the youngest child was severely disabled and required her full-time care.

The ex-wife’s only income was the youngest child’s SSI benefits and food stamps. Then, she learned her ex-husband had received a windfall settlement and had been reinstated to his old job. She stated “I knew that, without legal representation, which I could never have paid for, the chances of my getting reimbursed for supporting our kids on my own was next to impossible.”

At the time she came to VLP the ex-wife was seeking assistance with modifying the custody and child support orders and submission of the QDRO. Panel attorney, Joel A. Abu of Marlborough accepted the case. Attorney Abu secured back child support for the ex-wife of $55,000.00; child support of $254.00 per week for the parties’ disabled child, until age 23, and submission of a QDRO according to the terms of the Separation Agreement.

The ex-wife further stated she was very impressed with Attorney Abu. “It was a lot of work! He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. He took the time to explain my rights, and gave me the gift of having my voice heard.”

She added that “he helped me to help this case, I felt I was participating in my own oppression and not helping my children as much as I could. Joel helped me access the system and made me feel that I could do more than I thought I could do. He helped me move forward, to the next level, to get the justice that I needed and that my children needed and deserve.”

– Connie Escobar